Performing 700 hours of IV sedation

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Dr. Lee has been practicing since 2004 and certified by WA State for IV sedation practice in 2010.

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Dr. Lee provides sedation dentistry in your own office.

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Dr. Kwan Lee performs IV sedation in your own office.
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Dr. Lee has been awarded many times by ICOI.
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Dr. Lee has completed over 700 IV sedation cases.

IV Sedation At Your Office, Kwan Lee, DDS.

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We come to you! Have you ever referred your patients to other offices because patients want IV sedation or you don’t want to do surgical extractions?   Yes, you have……

What if you could keep those patients in your office?  Your patients now don’t have to travel to unfamiliar office for consultation and actual surgical procedures.  There are lots of hurdles for your patients such as making separate an appointment at other office and incurring expansive specialty’s fee. 

Now thanks to the On Demand sedation and exodontia service, you don’t have to send your patient away.  You could schedule them in your office and we come to your office. 

All you have to is to schedule them on certain day and your patients get treated in your office with or without IV sedation.  By doing so, it helps your revenue and save money for your patients.    

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Meet Dr. Kwan M. Lee
Dr. Kwan Lee, DDS. Dr. Kwan M. Lee is a Board-Certified implant dentist by the American Board of Oral Implantology (ABOI). This Board-certification symbolizes the highest level of competency in implant dentistry.

As of 2017, there are only 7 board certified dentists in Washington State. After attaining his Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry at UCLA, Dr. Lee went to University of Southern California, school of dentistry. During dental school and post-graduate training, he was very passionate about oral surgery with IV sedation.

Dr. Lee has been practicing since 2004 and certified by WA State for IV sedation practice in 2010. Since then, Dr. Lee has been performing 700 hours of IV sedation without any incident. Now he is more focusing on wisdom teeth extraction under conscious and moderate sedation.

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